You’re Not The Next Gary Vee (And That’s Okay)

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You’re Not The Next Gary Vee (And That’s Okay)

October 6, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed with the amount of content you’re *supposed* to produce? 

You’re a business owner, not a content marketer. But, like Gary Vee says, quantity over quality, right?

Nope, sorry. 

And if you’ve been huffing and puffing your way through dump truck amounts of content, you can take a deep breath, I have Hoarders on speed dial! Kidding about the Hoarders. Serious about the deep breath.

Don’t worry, all that work hasn’t been done in vain. Your content is always repurposable. But quality over quantity is where it’s at. And really, that’s what Gary Vee teaches: make one piece of pillar content and then chunk it up into bite sized pieces that fit whatever platform in which you publish the new mini-sized content. 

“But what about beating the algorithm?” 

“…And ranking on Google?”

“…And getting emails read?”


Nope, sorry. Quality still beats quantity in any case. Don’t believe me? Forbes, Social Media Today, Content Writers, Marketing Insider Group all have experts touting the same thing. 

Here’s a few reasons why you can rest assured and put all of your efforts into a few quality pieces of content:

Timeless Always Wins

Sure, pumping out content multiple times a day will, in theory, get you “seen” on whatever channels you’re publishing on, but that’s about it. When you create a high-quality, robust, timeless piece of content, not only does it get your audience to stop and read (and I mean read, not just skim), it’s something they consider a resource. They will come back to it time and time again, building trust and giving continuous value for months, even years, to come.

You’ll Be Memorable

Think back to one to two days ago. What emails did you skim through? What blogs did you half-heartedly read? What social media posts did you comment on… if any were worthy of being graced with your presence? 

You might vaguely remember one, but it’s not something that remained on your mind until I asked. Is that what you want of all your hard work? Is that the lasting impression you want on your audience?

Probably not. 

Quality pieces of content will ensure your brand remains top of mind with your readers who are ideal prospects.

Specificity Means Sales

You’re obviously not writing content for direct sales, however, quality content is specific enough to your prospect’s exact questions, fears, and you’ll increase the quantity 😉 of warm leads and will have most of the legwork done before they even get on a sales call. 

My favorite quote by James Joyce supports this beautifully: 

“For myself, I always write about Dublin, because if I can get to the heart of Dublin I can get to the heart of all the cities of the world. In the particular is contained the universal.”

Quality content for you means content that is specific to you and your clients. 

But Most Importantly, Connection

On that same note, the more specific you are in your scroll-stopping, memorable pieces of content, the quicker you can connect to prospects who become loyal, lifelong buyers. Connection is everything with your prospects and these types of pieces can deliver. Why? You’re getting your reader to actively pause and engage with your content.

AKA you’re in a private room, having a one-on-one conversation with them. That’s something that even email struggles to do nowadays. When your prospects connect with you, and connect with you fully, they’re investing their trust. They’re also investing their time, which shows them you are valuable to them.

Yes, quantity content works for Gary Vee and a few other marketers out there. But let’s be honest: if it doesn’t really work for you, it probably won’t work for them. Meaning, unless you truly love pumping out original content constantly throughout the day, your audience won’t either. Even if they think it’s valuable to them, they aren’t:

  • Connecting with every piece
  • Truly listening
  • Paying full attention
  • Always walking away with value

Meaning you’ll still have to work just as hard at making the sale.

Do yourself a favor and create quality content that does a lot of the legwork for you and creates loyalty, trust and sales before the sales call.

What’s your take on quality vs. quantity content? Don’t be a stranger and share your thoughts below!