Portfolio of Work

Best story wins.


Promotional Script Writing: Gilda’s Club Louisville, Cash for Gold Creative, March 2015


Promotional Script Writing: Waterboys, Cash for Gold Creative, August 2015.


Kickstarter Promotional Video, Coil: Iced Coffee Maker, Tyler Deeb. November 2014.


www.mcarthursanders.com/agentsearch/ Content Creation, Bios, McArthur Sanders Real Estate, 2014.

http://rigiddevelopment.com/project-category/12th-south/ Content Creation, Neighborhood Profiles, Rigid Development. 2015.


International Mission Board: Totally His


Promotional Script Writing: International Mission Board, Cash for Gold Creative, September 2013.



Script Writing: Bboy for Life, Nadus Films, 2012.


“Awfully Organic.” Hippocampus Magazine. Web. March 2012.


“How He Did It.” Hunger Mountain. Web. November 2012.

“Sideways Review: Misuse of Muggle Artifacts.” Hunger Mountain. Web. November 2012



“Awake My Soul.” Art House America—Art House Blog. Web. 2011.

 “The New Sudan: On a Screen Near You.” Art House America—Art House Blog. Web. 2011.

“Playlists and Publishing.” Art House America—Art House Blog. Web. 2011.

“There and Back Again.” Art House America Blog – Art House America. Web. 24 Nov. 2011.

“Aphorism.” Numéro Cinq Magazine. Web. April. 2011.

“The Rules.” Numéro Cinq Magazine. Web. Feb. 2011


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