Best Story Wins.


Create Clarity

Your audience will clearly understand what you offer —through value propositions, voice, and visual identity — so that doing business with you becomes desirable,  quick & easy!

Spark Interaction

People talk about your branded content because it engages the senses, triggers emotions and tells a good story.

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Ignite Your Business

Conversations lead to connections, connections lead to conversions, and your bottom line will trend up because you will offer an easy path to purchase your goods and services.

Is your marketing connecting with your audience?

People buy goods and services when you tell them a story that offers clarity & connection so that you spark interaction with your audience and your business ignites. 

Story is the single most effective means of connection.

We believe great marketing is great storytelling — the kind that connects real heroes with real problems to real solutions.

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Easy ways to hire us

2 hour Intensive

This is a quick and dirty intensive where we get all we need to write your BrandScript which will guide the direction of all future marketing efforts. If there’s time, we may throw in a one-liner or tagline.

2 Day Strategy Session + Content Creation

In 2 days, we can help you refine your brand message, plan a website that works, generate a lead magnet or build a campaign that catches fire.

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2-12 Month Retainer with Strategy + Coaching + Content Creation

Deliverables include BrandScript and 8 pieces of content. Need more content? Add another month or 10. We’re flex.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Her expertise in helping craft stories while taking my vision to newer heights has continued to bring us back together time and time again to collaborate on film projects.

Coury Deeb
CEO, Nadus Films

 Sarah’s audit of our site has given us the clarity we need to move forward and the assurance that our marketing dollars will be spent strategically!

Tavia Gilbert
 Publisher, Animal Mineral Press

 Her creativity, vision and knowledge in story branding is phenomenal!

Tiffanie Kinder
CEO, Staffing at Tiffanie’s

Creative Collective

Most companies can’t afford to have an entire marketing team. With dozens of expert contractors available to us, we can provide award-winning comprehensive marketing strategy + execution that makes you money. 

Sarah Braud

Founder | Creative Director

That’s me! I love creating things. From building brands to making movies and anything in between!

David Braud


My husband, y’all! He’s a true renaissance man. He can do it all. But he’s best at making pictures.

Joel Griffith

E-Commerce | CSR

From CTR analytics to corporate social responsibility, Joel is an expert in all things digital commerce. He’s one big hearted philan-capitalist.

Nicole Simpson

Brand Merchandiser

You want swag? She’s your gal. You want corporate gifts for your national conference? Look no further.

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New to the StoryBrand framework and want to know

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Sarah Braud, Bio

Sarah Braud is a writer, brand & marketing consultant, and keynote speaker who loves talking about how entrepreneurs and leaders can use storytelling devices to connect with audiences, spark interaction, and ignite their businesses. The digital marketing agency, Social Marmalade, which she co-founded was acquired in 2017. Her writing has been published in Art House America, Hunger Mountain, Hippocampus and a variety of other online publications. She is a regular contributor to Reality Bites, a digest for leaders produced by Leadership Reality, and City on a Hill, film and curriculum production company dedicated to the crossroads of faith + art.

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